Our Approach

We engage and work collaboratively with community service centres (“Pusat Khidmat Rakyat”), welfare department (“Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat”), community leaders / residential committee members (“Persatuan Penduduk”), religious bodies and individuals to understand the needs of the communities and establishes programmes to improve the economic, health, social and educational well-being of the communities.

Our Methodology

  • a.

    Survey the residential area and the surroundings, meet with the community leader or residential committee members ( e.g. Chairman etc. ), pass them our survey forms, i.e. Application Form (Borang Permohonan Bantuan ) so that they could help OH to identify the needy families by getting the needy families to fill up the survey form

  • b.

    Call the welfare department / community service centre to get the data of needy community in their areas

  • c.

    Meet up with relevant religious bodies ( e.g. mosque, temple, church ) and see if the committee members are able to provide OH with the necessary data

  • d.

    Connect with relevant individuals who knows the needy community in the area

  • e.

    Obtain referrals from the needy community themselves

For (a), we will collect the survey forms from the community leader, call and visit the head of family to get further details.
For (b) – (e), in general, we will prepare the survey forms, call and visit the head of family to investigate further