Pertubuhan Kebajikan Oasis Harapan (OH), or known in English, as Oasis of Hope (OH), is a non-profit community organization, approved and registered by the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia on 15 April 2021.

OH reaches out especially to the poor and needy group in Malaysia, regardless of their race, religion and social background with the objective to give hope, transform and impact the people in the community.

Our Vision

To transform lives through community programs

Our Mission

To bring positive changes and sustainable livelihood to needy communities; provide assistance in the form of basic needs, education, job opportunities, small business ventures, healthcare, financial counselling etc.

Vision & Mission
Focus Area

Focus Area

  • Provide daily needs like food and grocery
  • Basic needs & infrastructure, e.g. clean water and electricity
  • Community development, e.g. provide young rubber trees and banana trees for them to plant and earn a living and sustain themselves
  • Assist in education needs by providing school books, school uniforms, bags, conduct free tuition, provide laptops and mobile phones
  • Healthcare assistance to get milk for children & pregnant mothers, facemask, Covid-19 test kits, hand sanitiser, vitamins or health supplements, doctor visitations etc.
  • Provide financial counselling to help the community to manage their financial needs and to start a small business
  • Assist the community to get better job opportunities